Tuesday, April 26, 2011

oh haiiii

A. First of all, even if i was high, i probably wouldn't put french fries on a pizza. Secondly, I wouldn't buy pizza because im poor. Thirdly, that's a gross combination. I don't like cold french fries so there would be no leftovers of those. I like cold pizza though. This picture is not important. 

B. Those cool leggings are what my friends bought me when they went home for the weekend. it was a surprise. They look like horseback riding pants and I'm completely okay with that. I've gotten many compliments on them, and even if people are lying to make me feel better, I'm okay with that too. 

C. I take stupid pictures in my free time. 

D. I like that picture a lot. 

E. How could you not like the last picture. Come on, it's adorable. So are sugar gliders. Or whatever the fuck they are called.


On a completely different note. Here is what i've been doing, as if you care. (I don't like that this font is black, i need to change it). Ooh, that's a nice color. 

-- I took my plugs out just now cause my ears are all scabby and Blake says not to pick at my scabs. 
-- Vivid Rhythms Festival is this weekend (Sunday May 1st). Badfish is playing, that's pretty cool. I'm going to be working from 6am to 12am, and that will be fun. Except not because I don't actually get to hang out, I have to be doing shit. 
-- I have a photoshoot in May.
-- I didn't get to go see Coheed last night, but they are doing a free show in Brooklyn and I'm pretty pumped about that. 
-- Blake is staying this weekend. 
-- I ate too many strawberry mentos.
The end.