Wednesday, January 26, 2011

doggies and stuff.

Blake got a new pup, he's a jackpoo. He does a lot of that (pooping). He also likes to bite like no ones business. He's pretty adorable though, except when he poops on the floor and I can't pick it up because I'll gag. I love him to bits, but I still love Rosie more because she is wonderful and MY doggie. 

 That one is Rosie, and she is my doggie. We also have Callie who is super old and her face is all white. Then my brother has two dogs, Bella and Autumn. They are both Pit Bulls who I love dearly. Blake also has a kitty, named Kitty Meow. Well, her name is Psycho but I call her Kitty Mow. 


I am a carbon copy of my brother. Well except I'm a girl and my plugs are bigger. Aha!

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