Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pugs not drugs.

The new ..newport non-menthols are pretty good. I mean, they still make me feel somewhat white trash, but that's okay. I was smoking pall malls before that, and mustangs before that. Actually, I've smoked a lot of different smokes. I kinda like Parliaments, even though they have that recessed filter because back in the day people used to put coke in there. I don't put coke in there. I don't even know where to BUY coke. 

I'm also TRYING to do homework. It's the first day back to class, and I only had one class today. It was three hours long though, and it tried to kill me. She gave us two breaks, but by the time the second break rolled by I just wanted her to get on with it and let us go early. I only have three days worth of classes this semester. Hopefully I'll be graduating in the summer. That would be fantastic. That also means I have to do summer classes and I am perfectly okay with that. 

Hmm, what else? What have you done today? What have I done? 

I tossed and turned all night. I got super thirsty and drank basically all of my drink. The bed was too cold and then it was too hot. My cell phone didn't work, though it never does. I finally got up around 11 and waited for it to be 115 so I could get ready for class. I turned the shower on so that I could poop and no one would walk in on me. That's a big fear of mine. I put my boots on and then took them off because I kept getting itches on my ankle. I realized that the internet is totally boring. I went to class finally. I came back and watched videos on youtube about transformation through genders. It was interesting. I like that stuff. I used to think I was in the wrong body. Then I realized I was just bisexual, and now I just know that I will never feel comfortable wearing a skirt. I dont like boxers either though, because they have that weird net thing for your balls and that makes me uncomfortable. 

Genitals are weird. 

I started working on some notes for my museum studies class and then i was like OH YEAH, i can start that blog. So I'm doing this instead, and thinking about having a smoke. 

That's all for now fuckers. 


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