Thursday, January 27, 2011

things that i like.

At the moment, I'm super bored and waiting for Blake to come get me, which is in a while. So why not write about things? This blog will be filled with pictures and stuff, and things you should do. Maybe. 

I like: 

Not the diet kind though, blech. 

Fountain soda coke. It is the only reason I ever went to dinner at school. I would choose fountain soda coke over ANY beverage any day. Well, I really like milk too. Hm.

Freshly folded towels. Not that the colors of those towels aren't lovely, but I just really like the fact that they are freshly folded. I was always a fan (and still am) of folding the towels at work. Yes, I am a housekeeper, chambermaid. I clean up after you. 

Hugely for gay marriage. I love going to Pride in Boston. I love people that feel comfortable with themselves and aren't afraid to show what they are all about. 

Huge fan of suspension, though I've never actually done it. I plan on doing it soon though! I had other pictures to upload but apparently they are too cool to show up. FINE THEN. 

well that took up a whole.. i dont know like 10 minutes. I only have one cigarette left too. Hm. 


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