Thursday, February 3, 2011

Humeurs instables inavouées, Faiblesse des sens et frustration Etouffant la conscience. Je m'écoeure.

Amesoeurs = great band.

i feel like typing large right now. 

                     I wrote to Equal Vision for an internship and they said they could probably do that. It will most likely happen in the fall or in the summer depending on how things go. Hopefully I can get a job in New York and never have to return home. That would be lovely. There's nothing there for me anymore, except Rosie. I would just have to bring her with me. 

                                     Anyone and everyone should listen to that band, granted unless you speak french you probably won't know what they are saying but it's okay because I don't either. 


Oh yeah, did I mention I really don't want anything to do with any of you anymore? It's hard to feel like someone gives a shit about you when they can't even make time to see you. When they constantly lie to your face and then try and say it never happened when they were with you. I just turn my back on all of it because it doesn't matter anymore. I don't regret any of the times I had with you, because they were wonderful. Now, I just have to move on with my life, because nothing lasts forever, and people won't always be there for you. 



p.s my photoshoot pics came back but i'm not posting them because they are NSFW lawl.

i guess there's more to this, because I like pictures & I want more pictures in this. 

 i like clouds, a lot. 
 I like my pink hair, and i smoked then. shit. i still smoke. 

my best friend. the only person i have ever learned to trust. the only person who will stay by my side through everything. i love you.

                         those were the days

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