Thursday, February 24, 2011


The cool thing to do, is post how terrible you look in the morning. Except for the fact that my hair is always a mess so I guess that doesn't change much. I have this huge scratch on the inside of my arm. I don't remember scratching that hard last night. I don't have bedbugs either, I checked. That doesn't change the fact that I'm itchy as fuck. Everyone says "oh its just dry skin because of the cold weather." Welllll...I wish. I have all these little bites on my skin. No matter what I do, the itchies don't go away. My head is itchy too and my hair keeps falling out in little strands. Motherfuck.

I have gym today..well strength and conditioning..and I know that motherfuck of a professor is going to be a dink again. You see, my heart is too big for my body and my body shakes as if I'm an old lady. Can't you give me a break for like ONE SECOND. I know I'm not in shape,  but jumping on those friggen boxes ain't gonna do shit for me. After that I have economics. Aka the most boring class in the whole world. I can barely stay awake during that class. But then I don't have the next class because instead I get to go to gallery 51 for the opening (which is cool). I'm not being sarcastic. I just don't want to walk down there. Hopefully I can make someone give me a ride. 

Uh what else? 

It's kinda nice out. Not really though. Still in the 30's, but the suns out. I got sidetracked from talking on the phone so I'm going to end this now.


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