Thursday, February 3, 2011

phuck yew.

who seriously doesn't like big font?! not me. i like pictures though, and i like posting pictures in this blog because it's fun. 
it's also 9 god damn degrees out but i guess i can't expect much more from new england. also, i hate you guys. 

this is rosie, you will see her a lot because i love her to bits. she is my lifeline thank you very much.

 I like to post pictures of times when I remember being happy. I love this picture.
 Everyone decided that green was the cool color to put in your hair, but I got the poop green color and it ended up looking like seaweed and I hated it. I dyed my hair a different color in less than a week.
People on rawks and stuff. 

                                           I just helped set up for the Jazz and Funk Festival, which was pretty awesome. It was really cool being able to set up the sound for a show, it pumped me up. I think I was the only one actually enjoying it, but that's cool with me. Now back to listening to


because i've been listening to the same song for a while now and i am completely okay with that. 



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