Tuesday, February 22, 2011

blah blah blah

My mom and I decided that talking on skype would be cool. It actually is pretty cool because I get to have dinner with my family, talk to my nana, and see Rosie. That's my signature pose by the way, though not everything is two thumbs up. Let's see what else I can find for pictures before I start blabbing on about something not interesting. 

This would be me trying to talk to my dog on skype. I miss her terribly. For all of you that are going to stalk me on skype, go ahead, because I never go on. Aka weird people than randomly find me on there and send me messages saying that I seem cool even though it doesn't say anything about me on there. Hm. 

I also like goats a lot. Especially ones with beards. There was also a pig there named rosie. It was very exciting. 

I was trying to show my mom how to use the webcam, or how to take pictures of herself. She decided she needed to get facebook and that we needed to be friends. We aren't though. I thought this was a good picture, even though her eyes are a little funky and I think she was about to laugh. 

As for everything else, I had a pretty uneventful weekend. Unless you count taking the vomit-filled bag out of the trash can just to replace it with another bag to later be vomited in again. No one really wants to deal with things alone when they are sick, they want people to do things for them when they really don't feel like moving. So I took care of Blake while he was sick, and then I played sims3 during the hour(s) he was asleep. 

What else did I do this weekend? I cried. That's normal though. I played fallout3 even though I usually get bored. I'm level 28 on one of them and level 6 on another. I get bored of the same things. I just want to get all the damn trophies god damnit. I thought about playing Heavy Rain but then I decided I was too lazy. I thought about playing Little Big Planet too. However, I think I'm gonna trade that game in because I'm sick of it now. 
Other news? Hm. I watched a lot of anime movies. I watched Ninja Scroll and Final Fantasy (whatever number it was) and some other movie that I forget the name of. I didn't watch all of that one though. 
It was that one by the way. I had to upload the picture to remember what it was called. That movie is fantastic, and I'm totally going to watch it while Blake is at work sometime. The detail in that movie is amazing! Yadda Yadda. I still love Totoro though, and Ponyo. Those movies are great. I like Princess Mononoke too. Listen to me, I sound like an anime nerd. It's okay though, anime is pretty awesome. I want anime hair. 

I got four things of dippers today. Apple and Carrot dippers and I ate them all. Damnit, I wish I had them now. Except I hate the skin on the apples, and I feel like the ranch dressing for the carrots is fake and that it's going to kill me or something. Hooray for crazy phobias that aren't really phobias. 

Apparently I feel like typing up a storm today. Probably because I haven't written in a while. 

Going from smoking Newports to smoking Pall Mall's is like.. the biggest letdown. First of all, yeah yeah, I know they last longer and everything, but thats the problem. It's too damn cold outside to smoke one and it's super hard to inhale. It's like trying to suck an oreo up a straw or something rediculous. It's even worse when they are 100's, and yes that's what they are. I still appreciate the person who bought them for me. It's the thought that counts. Granted, I shouldn't be smoking. Ugh. I told myself I never would and here I am. 

End story here. 


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