Thursday, February 10, 2011

fuck your face.

This is what is going on for me on Friday. Going to be totally awesome. If anyone in the Berkshires views this, go to it. It's going to be sweet. 
----Other than that. I'm going to Blake's for the weekend. He's picking me up after class today, so that should be good. I'll get to play Heavy Rain and Fallout. Sweet! I'm pumped. Class isn't until 1230, so I might as well get all my sheiiit together before then. Perhaps I'll go get something to eat for lunch as well. Who knows. 

I had a lot more to talk about in this, but ya know, it's just not worth it sometimes. "Let's view her blog so that we can laugh at what she has to say," maybe that's what you are going to say. Some people won't ever change, and I guess I needed a second change to find that out. 

The temperature thing on my computer has said that it is 36 degrees out, but it also said that last night and it totally was not. Perhaps it will be right today. The sun is out, and maybe some of that ice outside my window will melt. I guess we are supposed to get more snow on saturday, so it won't last for long. Actually, it might be on friday. I don't know, I won't be here. 

I'm still a grump.


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