Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In the process of dying my hair. I spilt a HUGE amount on the floor, luckily we have inspections soon so I did it just in time. I got some comet and cleaned that shit. I think that's what its called. If it's not, its the powder stuff. Then I stepped in it, and then I tracked it into my room. If that's not enough, I have a huge amount of it on my arm, that I didn't notice until after I cleaned it all up and then smudged in on the floor some more. 

Seriously? Is that necessary? Ugh. Now I have to wait until at least midnight so that I can wash this out of my hair. Not sure why I decided to dye my hair now. I'm usually in bed by now. I'm so cool.

Besides that? Uh. Today's tuesday and i didn't go to my second class because I felt like death. That class kills me, it's so boring. I didn't have my third class. Psych! Then I hung out with Chrystina and Brenna. Noice. This post is really boring because I don't have anything to say. Wait, wait, wait...Spring Break in like 5 days. I'm pumped. I get to go home and see Rosie and my family. That's pretty awesome. That's only because I don't do anything else while I'm home. I'm perfectly okay with that because I will get to sleep and take Rosie for walks and poop in the security of my own home. 


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